Comscore Report : iOS traffic is bigger than Android in India – iOS – 7.4% vs Android 6.5%

comScore Inc. announced the launch of Device Essentials which is a new service that reports digital traffic as per devices ranging from computers and mobile phones to e-readers and gaming devices. Using this service, analysis traffic pattern from different devices was made in thirteen different countries including India, which showed that 7.4% of traffic comes from iOS devices while Android follows with 6.5%

Share of Non-Computer Device Traffic for Selected Countries

May 2011

Multi-Country Report for Selected Countries

Source: comScore Device Essentials

iOS managed to grab the cake when it comes to traffic in India, but this is mainly due to the contribution from iPad users with a whopping 4 % and also 0.6% contribution from iPod Touch. When it comes to mobile phones Android is way ahead of iPhones with 6.0% and the latter at 2.8%. Though there are Android tablets are available in India,  only 0.5% traffic comes from these devices which clearly shows that Android tablets are not very popular among consumers.

Source: comscore

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