Nokia X7 and E6 Finally Shipping

Nokia just announced via its Nokia Conversations corporate blog that it has begun shipping its latest Symbian devices , the Nokia X7 and E6 as of today. The Nokia X7 is a monoblock form factor device with a 4? screen and the same internals as the Nokia E7 and other Symbian 3 devices. The Nokia E6 on the other hand makes it a bit more interesting by mixing the classic portrait qwerty design of the E72 with a new high resolution touch screen panel and upgrading the specs all over. Now with the same internals as other S^3 devices , the phone has what can be termed as a retina display.

Nokia E6

- QWERTY and touch experience offers faster navigation and operation than either a pure touch or keyboard-only system.
- Direct access to Microsoft business solutions (Mail for Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint).
- An 8-megapixel full focus camera with dual-LED flash 720p video recording and 8GB of internal memory.

Nokia X7

- Huge 4” inch screen with preloaded games for entertainment enthusiasts.
- 8-megapixel full focus camera with 720p video recording, dual-LED flash and 8GB memory card preinstalled.
- Beautiful, unique design. Toughened glass and seamless stainless steel.

The devices will ship with Symbian Anna onboard which brings in a new split screen keyboard , portrait qwerty and brand new icons. In typical Nokia fashion , this update is expected to roll out for other S^3 devices at an unforeseen , sometime in the future.

[Via - All About Symbian , Source - Nokia Conversations]

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